Day 34 – Troy, NY to New York, NY

Our last day of driving was to be run back south to New York.

Given the car we had at our disposal, just driving back down an Interstate seemed a waste, so we added an hour to our trip finding some back roads through the Catskill Mountains.

Unfortunately, upstate New York had presented us with an overcast, rainy day, which gave way to some snow flurries along the way.  Nonetheless, we still managed to enjoy a drive through some B-roads and test the mettle of the Challenger.  To be honest, as is the criticism of most American muscle cars, it was a big wallowy brute of a machine with floaty steering, but jeez it made a great noise accelerating hard in a straight line.

The only stop on the way back to New York was to visit the Woodbury Premium Outlet stores.  We had been seeing Outlet Stores advertised right across America, but knowing we would be visiting Troy, Jane had been insisting that we wait until the Woodbury stores.  She was proved correct, as it was a vast and quality selection of stores that had more than enough potential to damage the credit card.  We picked up a few good things but managed to escape without the need to remortgage the house.

The drive from Woodbury to our New York hotel was meant to take 90 minutes according to the SatNav, and right up until the last 5 miles, we were right on time.  Unfortunately, the last 5 miles included the Lincoln Tunnel onto Manhattan, and those 5 miles took a good hour to complete.

This traffic delay meant a rushed dumping of bags in order to get to Madison Square Garden to see the New York Knicks take on the Sacramento Kings.  For the last few weeks, we had been hearing of the new star player on the Knicks roster, Jeremy Lin.  His is a real rags to riches story of the player who didn’t get picked up by a number of clubs and was within weeks of being cut by the Knicks when he got a start due to an injury to another player.

To say he has grabbed the opportunity with both hands is an understatement, as he has scored more points in his first 5 games than any player in the last 40 years, which includes the giants of the game like Michael Jordan.  His good form has coincided with a reversal of the Knicks fortunes, and they are undefeated since Lin joined the playing ranks.

He has become an instant darling of the Knicks fans, who went crazy every time he touched the ball.  Knicks gear with his name and number has been flying off the shelf, and everyone in New York is going overboard making up new words to describe the frenzy, like “Lin-tastic” and “Lin-sanity”.  When pressed, Lin offered up “Super Lin-tendo”, but only because he played a lot of Nintendo as a kid.

The crowd at the Garden were buzzing through the night and it was great to see a game there.  Unfortunately, the Sacramento Kings left their shooting game at home, so from early in the game it was never really a contest, with the Knicks getting up by 15 points.

After a long day and with no risk of Lin-somnia, we went back to the hotel and fell into bed.

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