Day 32 – Washington DC to Whitehouse Station, NJ

Our last stop in Washington was to visit the Arlington cemetery.  Pleasingly, yesterday’s winds had disappeared.  It is amazing how 2 degrees doesn’t seem quite so bad without a howling wind.

Arlington to me is one of the iconic images of the US, with its row upon row of small white tombstones, spread across acres of rolling hills.  The scenes are so familiar from countless Hollywood films and TV shows.  Apart from a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and JFK’s burial site, there aren’t a lot of specific things to see in Arlington, but our two hour visit strolling through the grounds was an interesting and somewhat moving experience.

Heading out of Washington, we took a slight detour and headed west to the Chesapeake Bay area, which is surrounded by Maryland and Virginia.  It is the largest estuary in the US and covers an area about 200 miles long by 50 miles wide, draining into the Atlantic Ocean. Dotted along the bay are huge houses and lots of marinas, and it is easy to see why it is one of the main tourist destinations for visitors to the region.

We stopped at the small town of Chestertown for a lunch in a cafe by the water, then continued north to New Jersey to stay at a friend’s place in Whitehouse Station.  Anthony Wiltshire (universally known as Wilbur) is a friend from Sydney days who has been living in the US for the past 10 years, working for Johnson & Johnson.

Despite his wife and kids being away in Florida, Wilbur proved to be a very capable and generous host, providing a very welcome home cooked meal and sharing a bottle or three out of his cellar.   Jane left the two of us to solve the problems of the world after the first bottle.  I just wish I had written down the solutions we came up with.

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