Day 17 – Fort Worth, Texas

Just to be clear, drinking beer with whiskey chasers was not a good idea …

Feeling a bit tender this morning, we bypassed the complimentary breakfast of cereals and danishes and went in search of something more appropriate.  Just near our hotel was a cafe advertising itself as “burger joint”, but which a local assured us served breakfast.

They did serve breakfast, but our Jane’s request for poached eggs caused bemusement in the kitchen, as the waitress came back and informed us that “the chef don’t do poached. He can do either scrambled or over easy”.  Scrambled it was then.

Jane had been wanting to go in search of some boots today, but the shops around the Stockyards area were all closed on Sundays.  Some people sweeping out one of the many bars from the night before told us our best bet would be to go to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Think the Ekka on steroids, but more agriculturally focussed.  Jane tried to suggest it was similar to the Texas (QLD) show, only bigger.  That is like saying a grain of sand is like a beach, only bigger …

We sat in on a Hereford sale for a while, which was held in an indoor arena, complete with dyed green hay in the auction enclosure.  I haven’t been to many Australian cattle sales, but it this one seemed about as long a way from an outdoor, fly-blown sale yard on a hot day as you could get.

Prior to the auction commencing, the auctioneer introduced a group of teenage girls who were the winner and runner-ups in Miss Hereford Queen competition (it was obvious which one was the fund raising Queen …).  Keeping with the fund raising theme, they auctioned a Hereford hide.  I can’t remember the exact number, but it seemed to go for significantly more than $10,000.  It got me thinking that you would be better off buying the whole beast, so you got the meat as well, but I’m just a city boy …

We then traipsed up and down a huge exhibition hall, with everything from tractors to leather belts to outdoor spas that could seat a dozen people, in the vain search for a pair of boots for Jane.  I think partly because we were both tired, by the end of exploring the exhibition hall, we were both dragging our heels and not entirely motivated in exploring the goods on offer.

After a quick look through side-show alley, which was remarkably similar to Australian side-show alleys, we headed back to Fort Worth in search of an early meal and an early night.

One big hunk of beef for me and a big serve of pork for Jane later, we were back in the hotel for an early night in front of the telly.

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