Day 1 – Brisbane to San Francisco

Before we left, I had people roll their eyes when I said I had been spoiled by work funded business class travel and that I wasn’t sure how I could cope with traveling long haul in economy …

Well … I’ve been further spoilt …  As one of my final acts before leaving Bow, I transferred my Bow credit card points to my Qantas FF account and they immediately came in very handy in securing a points upgrade to First Class on the Qantas A380.

Before we got on the plane, I cautioned Jane that I didn’t want her to jump up and down like an excited schoolgirl and embarrass us.

When we got on the plane, I was the one almost jumping up and down like a schoolgirl … VERY flash.  Your own little “suite” with plenty of room and every amenity you could think of  (although if I’m going to be picky,  the complimentary PJs we’re a tad too small – Jane thought I looked like an extra from Star Trek … ).  If you’d like someone to write some glowing customer feedback, Mr Joyce, give me a call, to be sure, to be sure …

Despite the abundant room and totally flat bed, neither Jane nor I slept much.  Neither approach to in-flight alcohol (Jane drank nothing, I drank a champagne, 3 glasses of Voigner, a glass of Chardonnay, a couple of glasses of Syrah and finished off with, hic, a lovely little sticky) seemed to aide the sleeping process, although I still contend my approach gave me a better shot at snoozing …

After a 4 hour stopover in LA, half of which seemed to be spent in the customs queue, we came back to the real world with our quick American Airlines hop to San Francisco.  And yes, I can confirm American Airlines is crap, and it wasn’t just by comparison …

By the time we arrived at our hotel near Union Square in the centre of SF, both of us had our eyes hanging out. Jane got a little shut eye while I went to AT&T to organise prepaid SIMs for phones and iPad to avoid the obscenely astronomical Telstra charges for international roaming (and yes Telstra, I hope someone does find this comment when they Google “international roaming”).

We went for a quick walk to Chinatown for dinner and had our first experience of American over ordering.  Enough food arrived on the table to feed a boatload of people (although that is probably not the most appropriate analogy to use when referring to Asian food …), so over-fed and over-tired, we went back to the hotel and fell into bed to complete a very long Day 1 of travel …

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4 Responses to Day 1 – Brisbane to San Francisco

  1. Rett says:

    ha ha, i totally agree with your sentiments regarding business class long haul flights and being lowered back to earth with cattle class flights…. glad you enjoyed the first experience!

  2. pippa grange says:

    This is not the spirit!! where is the chevvy, the cargo shorts you bought in 1994 and the care-to-the-wind abandon you described, with Jane’s hair blowing in the wind in economy class and the burdens of consumption and excess lifted for a short moment in life as you get basic on your adventure?? Come on, pyjamas and Syrah already? Peter Harbison… xxxx Pip

  3. Well we decided against a limo and caught a taxi in from the airport … does that count ?!?!?

  4. Alan Joyce says:

    Dear Peter

    My name is Alan Joyce (you make reference to me in your blog above). Our social media team is very active in identifying and responding to references to our company and given the serious level of traffic your site is now receiving, we figured it best that I respond and thank you personally for your posiive comments about your experience with your flight. So Thank You!

    It would be remiss of me however not to mention some of the commentary that I have subsequently received from the inflight crew regarding some of your own in flight activities that were captured via our security footage from your cabin…..An excerpt from one of the emaila I received I think captures the overarching sentiment…………”Mr Harbison makes Ralph Fiennes look like an amateur”.

    Again, thank you for choosing to fly with us.

    Warmest regards

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