Is this what the gainfully unemployed do ?

Bow Energy has been confined to the annals of history.  No job for CFO’s post takeover, so I am going to use this blog to force myself to do what I have been threatening for ages, and turn my hand to some writing.

It is going to be part travel diary, part wistful musing, part inane observation, but the real intention is to try and get me to actually commit to some writing.  I hope the product of this exercise isn’t too self indulgent, but if it is, please indulge me, as I attempt to unlock some creative juices that have been trapped in a world of finance, spreadsheets and arbitrating over petty squabbles in a corporate office.  Who knows, some of it might even be interesting …

Watch this space …

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One Response to Is this what the gainfully unemployed do ?

  1. Mary-Caroline van Paassen says:

    Woo hoo! Wish we were in a convoy… Then we could hand over rum & coke cans if anyone has run out… God forbid!:-)
    Have an awesome time!
    Don’t forget how Thelma & Louise turns out in the end… So make the right choices! Ha ha

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